Frequently Asked

Yes! Cars 4 U will help you locate your ideal new or used car and will also negotiate either a purchase or lease.

Our network of relationships provides us to access deals that are not available to the general public. We also have the experience and knowledge to identify and weed out any hidden costs that might otherwise go undetected.

No, we can find you the make and model of car you are looking for, without restrictions.

No problem. Cars 4 U can arrange financing for your new vehicle through our lender relationships or you may use the lender of your choice.

Yes, another thing that makes Cars 4 U so convenient is our trade-in program. Please call us to learn more.

First, our industry relationships allow us to get cars at close to dealership cost. Second, knowing where dealers place hidden fees allows us to identify and eliminate unnecessary expenses. Finally, we don’t have the overhead of maintaining a large inventory, showroom, or office so the money we save on the cost of doing business is passed on to you.

Timing will depend upon availability of the car you request, however it’s possible for you to be in your car the same day we meet!

Think of Cars 4 U as your personal auto concierge! As part of our personalized service, we will gladly deliver your new car to your home or office at your convenience.