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What makes the Cars 4 U car buying experience different from the traditional?


Time consuming: Precious hours spent searching for the right car, negotiating the deal and completing paperwork

Stressful: Haggling with various dealership employees for hours

Costly: Uncertainty about hidden fees and leaving money on the table


Convenient: You tell us the car that you want. We do the legwork and deliver it right to your door

Pleasant: One trusted point of contact represents your best interests

Cost Effective: Complete transparency and specially negotiated broker pricing

The Traditional
Car Buying Experience

For many years, people have spent hours or even days of their valuable time searching for the perfect car, negotiating the deal, and filling out stacks of paperwork. They visit multiple dealerships, trying to find the right car and a sales person that they can trust. The dealership shuffles them around between the salesman, the sales manager and the finance manager. Each time they speak with another member of the dealership entourage, the terms of the deal change slightly and the numbers are moved around just enough to confuse and frustrate the buyer into making a decision they’re not comfortable with. Finally, after hours of haggling, they leave the dealership feeling exhausted and unable to help but wonder how much money they may have left on the table.

Buying a car doesn’t have to be this way anymore. There is a much better way now that many people are turning to.

The Cars 4 U

When working with Cars 4 U, you will have a personalized one-on-one experience with a professional car broker who is looking out for your best interests. You communicate the exact specifications of your ideal car to one of the owner/operators of Cars 4 U, Catherine Johnson or Nikola Stokanic. The person that you speak with will be your single point of contact throughout the process, taking the time to really listen to and understand what is most important to you. Then you sit back and attend to your daily life, while they do the leg work to locate your ideal car, negotiate the best possible price and take care of all necessary paperwork. Your Cars 4 U professional auto broker will personally deliver your car to your office or home, along with all paperwork. You simply sign and begin enjoying your new driving experience.


Why use Cars 4 U for your next car buying experience?


Get pricing significantly below that of franchises and used dealers


Know that you didn’t leave any money on the table


Have a positive and memorable experience working with a trustworthy, single point of contact


Avoid the haggling and stress by letting an experienced broker negotiate pricing and terms for you

Experience Cars 4 U Concierge Buying

You sit back and relax, while one of our professional car brokers goes to work to find the car you desire at a rate well below dealer pricing. We provide a personalized, one-on-one experience and look out for your best interests at all times. You save time and money, while avoiding the stress of the traditional car buying experience. We look forward to serving you.

Meet Our Car Brokers in Colorado

Your Automotive Concierge

Nikola Stokanic




In my 20 years as an entrepreneur, I have consistently dedicated myself to my clients by truly listening to and understanding their needs. As a European business owner and while conducting business in the United States, delivering an exceptional client experience has been a common denominator that has known no geographic bounds.

With 10 years of experience in the automotive industry, I have the expertise to ask the right questions so that my clients receive the exact car and features they want, at a surprisingly low price. I’m committed to making this the most enjoyable and positive experience that you’ll ever have buying a car.

Catherine Johnson




As a former Fortune 500 senior executive, I’ve spent over 20 years committed to achieving sales and service excellence. I credit my success in business to my focus on building strong relationships that extend far beyond “closing the deal”.

Being a business woman, my objective is to support other professional women by delivering the respect and level of care that they deserve when buying a car. I aim to share an open and honest dialogue with my clients to learn what’s important to them and to deliver a uniquely pleasant car buying experience that won’t be found at a traditional car dealership.

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